Explain It To Me

I started out on my regular walking routine the other day. I’m trying my best to get back into shape again, after my operation, Aug 16, 2017.

Ok, so it took me a while to get back at it!

At 74, I just don’t bounce back as fast as I’d like to, lol. It took me a week before I could walk around the block, without turning around, because of the pain.

Back to the story, smile.

As I was walking through the neighboring community, I saw two boys ahead of me. The younger boy was atop of a fire hydrant. Before I got to them, I smelled weed. The older kid was smoking and talking to the younger kid. The younger kid seemed interest and impressed. Like he was trying to be older than he was. I know that feeling, having grown up in Chicago, during the 50s. I wanted to be accepted, cool and streetwize.

I walked pass them, but I was urged to go back and minister to them.

I begin by asking the older kid his name, he hesitated. I did, as I usually do. I told him my age. This always seems to disarm most kids. You see, at my age, I’m not a threat to them.

He begin to talk and told me his name. Darius studdered and spoke very incoherent at times, yet I know he felt he was communicating just fine. I struggled to understand, every word he spoke.

I asked him what he wanted to be and he said he wanted to be an astronaut and a mechanic. He said he had to do one, so that he could understand how to do the other, like work on cars.

I know!

I immediately understood that he had very little understanding about what he was saying and what it would take to do either.

I asked him if he graduated from high school and he said yes, but he hestitated when he tried to tell me the name of the school. I tried to encourage him to go to the local community college and talk to a counselor and to sign up for a shop class, if they had one.

He immediately began to give me excuses. I explained to him that when I was his age, I smoked weed everyday too. Everytime I decided to do something, I’d get high and say, I’d do it later and continue to get high. I told him that once I accepted Christ, I was able to stop doing drugs.

Then, I let him listen to my podcast on my phone for a little bit. I put the earplug up to his ear and watched his reaction.

He immediately, said, “Now see, that’s what I need! Someone to explain it to me!”

Pray for Darius and tell someone about this podcast.

Matthew 10 And 11 FinalX

I know we can reach these lost young folks with the tools we are given.

Thanks for listening.

Matthew 10 And 11 FinalX

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This episode tells us as disciples how hard the road will be, but we have a reward, like no other. 

Jesus give a tribute to John. The unrelenting cities and the coming of Jesus.

Check out this episode!

Faith Enough To Be Healed

Everytime I think I’ve done good in the area of faith, I’m shown rather quickly that I need more.

This epidsode, Matthew 8 and 9, has a lot to say about ones faith. The first example comes when the Leper ask to be healed. A simple request. He had the faith to believe Jesus would heal him.

The really awesome example comes when the Centurion soldier asked that his servant be healed. He had so much faith, he told Jesus, just speak the word. You don’t even have to be present.

This man understood authority.

Peter’s mother in law served Jesus after she was healed. Most of us today need recovery time after we have been sick. I lay around in bed for a week, after a little cold.

God knows when we have the faith that can heal us. That paralytic had that kind of faith. Jesus saw it in him. I want that kind of faith. It happens every now and then. I think back on one situation and I know it took faith to make that situation change for the good.

Matthew being called is so special to me. I remember when the Lord called me. I was watching the PTL Club back in the day. I knew I was being called into His church and out of my world of darkness and sinfulness.

My miracle of healing was when He gave me the power to forgive. That was something that seem to overpower me, it held me captive to anger and resentment. I haven’t seen the blinded eyes opened or the lame walk, but I know The Lord is able to do both.

matthew 8 and 9


matthew 8 and 9

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This episode helps us to understand the importance of faith. Each time we see those with incurable diseases and sickness being healed because they had faith. Like Matthew, some will be called to a higher service than others and fasting is a personal practice, not to be shouted from the house tops.

Check out this episode!

Homelessness, Anxiety And Love For Others

How many times have we looked at someone on the streets begging and we immediately began to judge that person?

They must be drug users, alcoholics, or, obviously they are weak and have mental issues. While a large part of the homeless community does fit into the above categories, there are so many others that do not.  A forest fire, where your home and other’s homes were destroyed. A Job lost. A family emergency.

Are we ready and willing to help the poor, or pray for them on a regular basis? Our culture is one of, I’ve got mine, you better get your own dude.

The Mayor of Sacramento has asked each district counsel members to look for land that can be used for temporary housing for the homeless.

When I heard that a meeting was taking place in my area, regarding that commitment, I attended. It was a meeting of business owners, police, security officers and non-profits representing the homeless.  Some of the business owners and security where like, not on my watch, or in my backyard. It’s going to affect my business, my home value, and what about the crime increase.

In this week’s podcast, The Dramatic Bible Reading Podcast, we were told to give to the poor and to pray for them. Jesus went to the poor and the sick.

Matthew 6 and 7

In the 16th verse of chapter 6, The Lord begins to tell us about fasting.

I recently had a crisis in my family, my son, and I heard the Lord tell me to go on a fast for him. During that fast, I had a deeper and closer understanding of what he was going through. It was like I felt his pain and suffering.  Each time I wanted to eat something, I thought about what he was going through. Did me eating mean so much, or could I put that meal aside and continue to earnestly pray for his deliverance?

Now, when it comes to wealth, so many think, whoever has the most “TOYS” win in this lifetime. Jesus tells us that we can’t serve Him, if that is our priority. We will be torn between the two.  Additionally, the example is pretty straight forward, when you think of a camel trying to get through that proverbial needle’s eye.

Next, He gives us the cure for anxiety. While we’re worrying and fretting about things we have little control over, we should be putting our trust in Him?  The Allstate man can only do so much, LOL. No one knows what we need better than our Heavenly Father.

Judging, the Golden Rule, Fruit on Trees, (Humans), and which foundation to build on is the question for us today.

My constant prayer is for the Lord to keep me from judging people. I live in a community where there’s a lot of homeless people. It never ceases to amaze me, after talking with them, how smart some of them are, but they ended up on the streets. Some came from very middle class backgrounds, or in one rare case, a super wealthy family in the community.

The foundation I want to build on is the one that will be eternal, nothing else matters now. I wish I’d learned this years ago. I’m more at peace now and I love hearing the Lord through His word and His Spirit.

I’ve been blessed with talents and skills to help people.

As a real estate broker and minister, I meet so many people who need special help. Whether the people are being foreclosed on, need to find that special home, or just needed prayer, I’m blessed to be there to help them, and for that, I’m thankful.

Please pray with me for this lady, she is experiencing early onset dementia. She has agreed for me to help her, however she’ll probably not remember when I go back with the authorities to set up an mental evaluation. She needs help with managing her money, someone to help with the cleaning her home, or someone to take her shopping.  Lastly, she so wants to start going to church again.

I believe the Bible when it says, we either build on temporary things, things that won’t last, or we build on His foundation of Truth, Love and Compassion.

Thanks for listening and praying with me.

So Easy To Get Distracted

Yes, I’m guilty.

I woke up this morning and heard the voice of the Lord in my spirit say…You have been distracted from what I have given you to do.  I immediately recognized my failure. I knew He was giving me grace right then.

I love the Lord because He gives grace and equips you to get back on track.

I felt renewed. I wanted to get up, but it was still pretty early, about 3:15am

I’m still working real estate part time, doing video for my church and occassionaly submitting voice-over auditions for different clients online.

Funny thing. Since I started The Dramatic Bible Reading Podcast, I’ve noticed that I feel more equipped and able to do voice over auditions. I just received a private request to do an audition for a client. WOW.

The word says that if we do His will, He will give us favor with men. Additionally, if I delight myself in Him, He will give me the desires of my heart.

Doing Voice-Over work is fun, as well as exciting. Doing the different reads and acting out the parts is so much fun. As I read the Bible, more and more, I’m getting better. I have done a few “One Take” auditions, which is a first for me.

I decided that I would do more than just one Podcast per week.

I said, Burt, that’s me talking to myself, smile.

You will only have 52 Podcast after one year!

That would take a long time to read the entire Bible Burt! I’m talking to myself again folks, smile.

No Way! I’m gonna start reading everyday and posting Podcasts as many as possible.

I will not get distracted again.

The Dramatic Bible Reading Podcast


Matthew 6 and 7

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In this week’s episode we learn how to give to the poor, our prayer and fasting, how to deal with anxiety, not to judge others, the Golden Rule, being a person who bears good fruit, and building our live on a a good foundation.

Check out this episode!

Grace Gratitude And Giving

Our church is celebrating its 7th year of service in the Sacramento area. We started in a living room, moved to the dining room, and then into the garage.

We knew that wasn’t going to last long. Those summer days were hot as heck. Additionally, the neighbors were nice, but we knew that too wasn’t going to last. It was in our pastor’s garage in a pretty nice area and folks weren’t use to cars being parked around the corners every Sunday morning in their neighborhood.

Fast forward a couple of months, not even a year, and we were in the multi-purpose auditorium of Health Professional High School. That was such a great location. It was across the street from a low income housing complex. This was a God send for us. We had the community to ourselves to do ministry.  Immediately, we held basketball camps, Harvet Festivals, Easter Egg Hunts, and feeding programs.

The folks could walk to church from any location in that community.  Some of the people hadn’t been to church in years and they welcomed us.

As time would have it, we grew and we needed our own space.

One day I was leaving an appointment and didn’t want to take my regular route, because of evening traffic, so I journeyed down a side street. I have lived in Sacramento ever since the mid-70s plus I’m a real estate broker. I had never gone down this street. Ever.

Driving pass this church building, I heard the Lord say. “GO BACK”. It wasn’t a shout, but He presisted. I hestitated again, but decided to go back and get the address. It appeared to be vacant, or not taken care of for sure.

After looking up the owners, because there was no for sale sign on the building, I called the church office. The lady referred me to their agent, you see they had been trying to sale the building and there were at least 4 parties interested in buying it.

After passing up our offer, they called us back about 3 months later. We reduced our offer and they accepted it. Everyone in their congregation approved of our offer. This year marks two years we have celebrated taking over the building.

Below is the link to our annual fund raiser. There is approximately 1.5 million dollars worth of repairs needed. We are not afraid, we have the Lord on our side and He has been faithful.

2nd Episode In The Books, I mean Online

Hello and I hope all is going well with you today.

I just finished my 2nd episode of The Dramatic Bible Reading Podcast. Those of you who have followed my last couple of post know I had problems getting the Itunes artwork figured out.

This week’s episode is so important, it deals with how we are to respond to challenges. It’s not a matter of if, but when, we will encounter life’s ups and downs.

How do I react when someone says an unkind word to me? Do I find myself resisting, when asked to give to those who have not? If you hit me, do I hit you back and say, I was defending myself, or do I look for a way to settle any dispute peacefully?

Do I get into a sexual relationship with someone who is not my spouse? If my spouse commits adultery is this grounds for a divorce? If I’m angry with my brother or sister, should I go to the altar and present myself to the Lord for forgiveness, or should I go to that brother of sister first? Does the New Testatment do away with the Old Testatment laws?

Yes, that’s some of the topics we covered in this weeks reading. It covers so much of what we deal with today. I know it did for me.

I started today saying that I would go on a fast for the weekend. As soon as I started working on finishing up the podcast, I got a call from my son, who is in prison. The telephone system they have set up is different than what we have. There are disclaimers and information you have to listen to before you either accept or reject the call.

I accepted the call and we only had 1 minute. He was experiencing a melt down. I listened to him and I immediately began to pray, as he angrily shouted and told me about a situation in his life.

I was prepared for this situation because I have been reading the word of God.

Folks, I encourage you to listen to the podcast and begin to read and study the Bible daily.

This is not a selfish promotion of my podcast, it’s something we all need to do, to overcome life’s tests and trials. We all need to set aside time for the Lord, so that we can listen to His word and let the Holy Spirit minister to us.


I hope to hear from you all. Have a great week and please pray for my son Christopher. Thanks.

Burt Clemons